Viscometer vs Rheometer | difference between Viscometer and Rheometer

This page compares Viscometer vs Rheometer and mentions difference between Viscometer and Rheometer.


Falling Sphere Viscometer

• It is an instrument which measures viscosity over a limited shear rate range.
• Viscometer measures viscosity of fluid.
• Viscometer only measures under one flow condition.
• Viscometer has narrower shear rate range.
• There are different types of viscometers. It include rotational viscometer, vibrational viscometer, oscillation viscometer, falling piston viscometer, falling sphere viscometer, Saybolt viscometer, Capillary tube viscometer, orifice type viscometer, Redwood viscometer etc. The figure-1 depicts falling sphere type of viscometer.

Viscometer vs Rheometer range


Rheometer types

• It is an instrument which measures viscosity over a wide range of shear rates and visco-elastivity of fluids, semi-solids and solids.
• Rheometer measures rheological properties.
• For liquids with viscosities which vary with flow conditions, instrument known as rheometer is used.
• Rheometer has wider shear rate range.
• There are different types of Rheometers. It include rotational rheometer, extensional rheometer, capillary rheometer. The figure-3 depicts the same.

➤A rheometer is a viscometer, but a viscometer is not a rheometer.
➤The shear rate range of viscometer is less where as it is more for rheometer.

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