SATA,eSATA,eSATAp | Difference between SATA,eSATA,eSATAp

This page compares SATA vs eSATA vs eSATAp and mentions difference between SATA, eSATA and eSATAp.

Specifications SATA interface V3.2 eSATA interface eSATAp interface
Full form Serial ATA External Serial ATA External Serial ATA with power
Raw data rate 16 Gbps 6 Gbps 3 Gbps
Max. Cable length 1 meter 2 meter 1 meter with passive adapter type
Power provided No, No, This interface type does not provide power. It is provided using adapter or USB cable separately. Utilizes USB in order to provide power of 5V, 12V(optional)
Devices per channel 1 1 1

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