Clamp meter Vs digital multimeter | Difference between Clamp meter and digital multimeter

This page compares Clamp meter vs digital multimeter and mentions difference between Clamp meter and digital multimeter.

Introduction: Both clamp meter and digital multimeters are used for current measurement and they both have analog and digital versions. Clamp meter has all the functionalities of digital multimeter with some added measurements.

Clamp meter

Following are the typical features of clamp meter.
• It is used for measurement of ac voltage, dc voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, ac current, dc current etc.

Clamp meter vs Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

Following are the typical features of Digital multimeter.
• It is used for measurement of current (I), voltage (V), resistance (R) and impedance (Z).
• It displays the measurement in digital form on the LCD display or panel as per designed resolution.
• It converts analog reading to digital form with the help of internal ADC (Analog to Digital Converter).
• It offers high accuracy of measurement compare to analog multimeter type.

➤In order to measure current, in digital multimeter the path is required to be disconnected and meter is interfaced in series with the broken circuit.
➤In order to measure current, the jaw of the clamp meter is put around the cable where flowing current is to be measured. Hence it is used in the situation where it is difficult to break or disconnect the circuit or cables.

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