Advantages of Oval Gear Flowmeter | disadvantages of Oval Gear Flowmeter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Oval Gear Flowmeter. It mentions Oval Gear Flowmeter advantages or benefits and Oval Gear Flowmeter disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Oval Gear Flowmeter?

• As shown there are two oval type intermeshed gears used in its construction.
• These gears trap fluid between themselves and outer walls of the meter.
• The oval gears rotate due to pressure from fluid. The number of revolutions determine volume of fluid moving through the meter.
• If meter is calibrated with one particular fluid, it will read marginally higher.
• Latest meter designs use servo motors to drive the gears. This eliminates pressure drop across meter and also force needed to drive the gears.

Oval Gear Flowmeter

Benefits or advantages of Oval Gear Flowmeter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Oval Gear Flowmeter:
➨It delivers higher measurement accuracy (about 0.25%) .
➨It is suitable for high viscosity media.
➨It operates in both the directions viz. forward and reverse.
➨Inlet and outlet sections are not required as there is no flow profile.
➨It does not require any external power supply.
➨It can be used for high temperatures (upto 300oC) and pressures (upto 10 MPa).
➨Wide range of materials are used for its construction.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Oval Gear Flowmeter

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Oval Gear Flowmeter:
➨It is used for liquids only.
➨It offers high pressure drop.
➨It has moving parts which get wore down.
➨Its accuracy decreases for lower viscosities due to gap losses.
➨It is sensitive to contamination and hence filter is needed.
➨The flow gets blocked at zero flow due to solid impurities.
➨It is sensitive to overloading.
➨The monitoring and maintenance are difficult tasks.
➨Pulsations are caused due to alternate drive action.
➨Viscosity of fluid can affect leakage or slip flow.

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