Advantages of Altimeter | disadvantages of Altimeter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Altimeter. It mentions Altimeter advantages or benefits and Altimeter disadvantages or drawbacks.

It is an instrument used to measure altitude of object above fixed level. There are verious measurement techniques based on which there are many types of altimeters.

Altimeter-Altitude Indicator

Following are the types of altimeters based on their working operations.
• Pressure altimeter: In this type, altitude is calculated based on measurement of atmospheric pressure. Barometer is used in this meter. Greater the altitude, lower is the pressure and vice versa.
• Sonic altimeter: It uses high pitched sounds to measure aircraft distance from the ground.
• Radar altimeter: Radio waves are transmitted and round trip time of reflected waves determine altitude.
• GPS receiver based altimeter:
It uses trilateration with four or more satellites to determine altitude.

Different types of altimeters have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits or advantages of Altimeter (Barometric type)

Following are the benefits or advantages of Altimeter (Barometric type):
➨Ease of Implementation

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Altimeter

Following are the disadvantages of Altimeter:
➨(Barometric type:) It requires recalibration with varying temperature.
➨(Radar type:) Requires extra licensing, there is fine and imprisonment if not obtained. It is expensive.
➨(GPS type:) Less accurate compare to barometric type. Real time measurement confinements such as government and target's acceleration.

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