GTEM Cell basics | Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic cell

This page covers GTEM Cell (Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic cell) basics. It mentions GTEM Cell construction,applications and popular GTEM cell manufacturers.

There are different types of TEM (Transverse ElectroMagnetic) cells viz. TEM, GTEM, WTEM and EUROTEM. There are differences in these types of cells with respect to their construction, electric field, magnetic field, electric potential, FEM techniques etc. In this page we will focus on GTEM cell.

What is GTEM Cell?

• GTEM stands for Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic.
• GTEM cell is used as EMC test chamber for radiated EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) testing.
• It is small enclosure similar to anechoic chamber. It is made using conductive metal having rectangular pyramid shape. EM absorber material is placed on its base where as nothing is mounted on its sides which act as waveguide. It is placed on the ground on one of its side as shown in the figure-1 (side view). Small part of the side wall is fixed with access door. This access can be used for EUT placement, test connections with outside equipments as well as for maintenance of the GTEM cell.
• As shown in the figure, septum (i.e. stripline conductor) is used to connect input or output port (at apex of pyramid) with the RF load of 50Ω value (at base of pyramid). Septum is called as center conductor.

GTEM, Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic cell Test Setup

• As shown in the figure, EUT (Equipment Under Test) is placed between septum and chassis.
• As shown in the GTEM cell test setup, RF signal generator and power amplifier is used for radiated immunity tests.
• Spectrum analyzer is used for radiated emission tests.

GTEM cells are usually available for frequencies upto 20 GHz. It provides shielding better than about 60 to 110 dB as per frequency of operation. N-type connectors are provided for outside connectivity with RF equipments. High quality absorbers (350 mm) are generally used for its construction. GTEM cells are designed, developed and optimized for EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) and EMC testing purpose.

GTEM Cell Manufacturers

Following table mentions popular manufacturers of GTEM Cell (Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic cell).

GTEM Cell Manufacturers Description
GTEMCELL group Website:
Teseq AG Reinach, 4153, Switzerland
EMCTEST Tecnologia Eletronica e Telecomunicacao Ltda. Italian-Brazilian company
Research and Production Enterprise ISTRA, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA
dB Technology Ltd., Cambridge, UK Website:
E-mail :
Laplace Instruments Ltd. Norfolk NR28 9JH, United Kingdom
montena technology sa Rossens, 1728, Switzerland
EMC Test Design, LLC Newton, MA 02460,

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