What is Spectrophotometer or spectrometer?

This page covers Spectrophotometer or spectrometer basics.It mentions features of Spectrometer from reputed vendors/manufacturers. Other vendors of Spectrophotometer are also mentioned.

Definition: As we know in the field of physics, spectrometer is a instrument used to measure EM spectrum. The spectrum is a graph which has wavelength on X-axis and intensity on Y-axis. The spectrometer used in optical domain is known as spectrophotometer. It is used to measure light properties over specified range in the electro-magnetic or EM spectrum.

It has following applications:
• It is used in astronomy to analyze radiation from astronomical objects.
• It is also used to determine chemical composition.

Features of Spectrophotometer

spectrophotometer or spectrometer

Following table mention silent features of Spectrometer from Vernier Software & Technology.

Specifications Spectrophotometer
wavelength range of measurement 380nm to 950nm
resolution 3nm
accuracy of wavelength measurement 2nm
photometric accuracy +/-5%
Power source It can be powered using USB cable from any computing devices such as PCs, laptops etc.

Other Spectrophotometer Vendors

Following are the popular Spectrophotometer vendors:
• X-Rite
• JINAN PRECISION TESTING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD, spectrophotometers model V-5000, UV-5200/5300/5500 etc.
•  ProSource Scientific. model: SQ2800
•  Cadex Inc.
• Cole-Parmer India Pvt. Ltd. , Genesys-20 Spectrophotometer

Other optical test and measurement equipments

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