Digital Clamp meter basics

This page describes Digital Clamp meter basics. It mentions Meco digital clamp meter features. It also mentions benefits of digital clamp meter.

Definition: The device used to measure current/voltage by clamping its jaws around the conductor is known as clamp meter. The clamp meters are of two types viz. analog and digital. Analog type has pointer indicator while digital type has numeric display.

AC measurement is done using coupling effect similar to transformer while DC measurement is done using hall effect sensors.

Meco digital clamp meter features

Following are the features of Meco digital clamp meter model 27T-Auto.
• 3*1/2 digit display
• 2000 counts
• Current range: upto 400A AC
• Voltage range: upto 600V AC/600V DC of 25 mm
• AC current accuracy: +/-2% rdg + 3dgt on 20Amp.
• AC voltage accuracy: +/-1.2% rdg +3dgt
• DC voltage accuracy: +/-0.8% rdg +3dgt

Digital clamp meter Benefits

It has following additional features/benefits other than measuring current/voltage:
• Temperature
• Max. function
• Resistance
• Audible continuity
• Diode test function
• Low battery indication

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