Tachometer | Meter to measure angular velocity of motor

This page covers Tachometer. The equipment Tachometer is used to measure angular velocity of motor. The page mentions tachometer manufacturers/vendors.

The tachometer is an instrument which is used to measure angular velocity of motor shafts or some other rotating objects. It displays measurement in units of number of RPM (revolutions per minute). It is developed to measure total revolutions in a fixed amount of time.

Analog Tachometer vs Digital Tachometer

The tachometers are generally of two types viz. analog and digital ones. They require electrical or mechanical interface. There are tachometers used in optical domain.

Tachometer manufacturers or vendors

Following are the manufacturers or vendors of Tachometer.
• EXTECH Instruments
• RS Components Ltd.
• Shimpo Instruments
• Amprobe
• Monarch Instrument

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