Gas Sensor | Gas Detection Sensor

This page covers Gas sensor or Gas detection sensor.The Gas sensor is used to detect leakage of gas. The page mentions Gas sensor manufacturers/vendors.

The semiconductor based gas detection sensors are very popular and in use since years in automotive industry. The usage of cooking gas for domestic purpose and petrol/diesel vehicles have increased. Hence it has become necessary to detect the gases such as methane, carbon monoxide etc.

The Gas sensors serve the need to detect any possible gas leakage. They are installed with associated electronic circuits in the factories, kitchens and workshops. It also finds use in smoke detectors.

Gas sensor

The semiconductor material is sensitive to changes in the gas concentrations. It can sense 50 to 100 ppm of carbon monoxide or any other gases. The figure-1 depicts internals of Gas Sensor.

It consists of semiconductor material surrounding the filament heater. The sensor is placed within the stainless steel body. As shown, front portion is cup shaped which allows gas to flow and reach sensitive material such as Tin Oxide. It is doped with n-type semiconductor. Let us understand operation or working of Gas Sensor.

The powering on of filament heater heats up chemical material. The resistance of this material decreases in presense of vapours. Due to this, they pass through the mesh and consecutively reach the tin oxide.

The gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, alcohol as well as combustible gases lead to decrease in the resistance of the tin oxide semiconductor. This property is utilized in the development of gas sensors.

Gas Sensor manufacturers or vendors

Following are the manufacturers or vendors of Gas sensors.
• Futurlec develops gas sensors of various types such as carbon dioxide CO2 sensor, Alcohol sensor, LPG sensor, carbon monoxide sensor etc.
• FIGARO Engineering inc.
• Parallax Inc.
• Honeywell Analytics
•  Emerson Electric Co.

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