pH sensor probe and pH meter-Difference between pH sensor probe and pH meter

This page compares pH sensor probe vs pH meter and mentions difference between pH sensor probe and pH meter. The pH probe houses sensor for pH measurement.pH meter uses pH probe along with display.

pH is mathematical tool to measure acidity of a solution in chemistry. Its value ranges from 0 to 14.
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pH meter

pH meter

• The pH meter is electronic device which is used to measure pH value of liquid. pH indicates acidity ot alkalinity of liquid.
• pH meter consists of measuring probe with sensor connected with display panel to indicate the measured pH value.
• pH meter measures concentration of H+ ions in the solution. Acidic solution has more positively charged hydrogen ions compare to alkaline solution.
• PH meter works like typical voltmeter. It consists of pair of electrodes (glass electrode and reference electrode) interfaced with meter which can measure smaller voltages usually in milli-volts.
• For precise measurement, pH meter should be calibrated before each measurements.
• The figure-1 depicts pH meter with pH probe.

pH sensor probe

pH probe sensor

• The pH probe consists of rod like structure usually made of glass with bulb at the botttom.
• Bulb is sensitive part which contains pH sensor.
• To measure pH value of solution, probe is dipped into solution.
• The figure-2 depicts pH sensor probe.

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