What is VECP | Vertical Eye Closure Penalty

This page describes VECP (Vertical Eye Closure Penalty) definition used in optical domain. It also mentions VECP (Vertical Eye Closure Penalty) formula or equation.

It is a test parameter which is used to calibrate reference TP3 signal for DUT (Device Under Test) subjected to stress sensitivity measurement.

stressed eye diagram and its parameters

The figure depicts stressed eye diagram with A0 and OMA used in VECP measurement.

VECP (Vertical Eye Closure Penalty) Formula or Equation

Following is the formula or equation of Vertical Eye Closure Penalty.

VECP,Vertical Eye Closure Penalty

➤A0 is amplitude of eye opening from 99.95th percent of the lower histogram to 0.05th percent of the upper histogram.
OMA is Optical Modulation Amplitude.

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