What is Optical Responsivity | Formula of Optical Responsivity

This page describes Optical Responsivity definition used in fiber optic domain. It also mentions Optical Responsivity formula or equation.

• Optical responsivity is the measure of input versus output gain of an optical system.
• For example for photo-detector it measures ratio of electrical output and optical input. Unit of responsivity here is amperes/watt or volts/watt.
• It is function of optical wavelength and other sensor parameters.

stressed eye diagram and its parameters

Optical Responsivity Formula or Equation

Following is the formula or equation of Optical Responsivity.

Optical Responsivity

➤IP-P is peak-to-peak current at the TIA input
➤ρ is optical responsivity
➤OMA is optical modulation amplitude which is the ratio of two power levels as shown in the the stressed eye diagram. Refer What is OMA >>.

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