Relative Humidity Table | Relative Humidity Chart

This page Relative Humidity Table or Relative Humidity Chart. It mentions steps to read or determine Relative Humidity value from table/chart based on dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature.

Relative Humidity (RH)

•  It measures water vapor relative to the temperature of the air.
•  It is expressed as a percent.
•  In other words, it is a measure of actual amount of water vapor in the air compare to the total amount of vapor which can exist in the air at its current temperature.
Refer difference between relative humidity vs absolute humidity vs specific humidity >>.

Relative Humidity Table or Relative Humidity Chart

Relative Humidity Chart, Relative Humidity Table

➤Step-1: Note down the dry bulb temperature (Td) and wet bulb temperature (Tw).
➤Step-2: Substract wet bulb temperature from the dry bulb temperature i.e. (Td-Tw).
➤Step-3: Chart shows dry bulb temperature (td) in rows and difference between (Td-Tw) in columns.
➤Step-4: Determine cell where (td) value and (Td-Tw) value intersects.
➤Step-5: The value in the intersecting cell represents relative humidity value.

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