Manual testing vs Automation testing-Difference between Manual testing and Automation testing

This page compares Manual testing vs Automation testing and mentions difference between Manual testing and Automation testing. The other comparison and difference between terms are also mentioned.

Both are types of testing to discover the bug or or defect at early stage during product development. This will help in reducing rework. This saves both cost and time for product development. Let us understand definition, advantages and disadvantages of both manual testing and automation testing.

Manual testing

Definition: The process of manually testing the software or hardware for any defects is known as manual testing. The manual testing is performed by test engineer. It is very old and rigorous testing type.

Following steps are performed by the manual tester while performing manual testing:
• Understand the functions of product and obtain or develop test cases.
• Prepare test environment or test procedure.
• Execute the test cases manually and verify with pass criteria.
• Record the results pass or fail.
• Publish the report to the team working on the product. In addition inform to the stake holders of the product.

Advantages of Manual testing:
Following are the advantages of Manual testing:
• It is very cost effective as it does not require any automated equipments.
• It provides tester liberty to perform Ad hoc testing. This helps in finding more bugs compare to automation testing.
• It is easy to add or delete any test cases during product development stage.
• It is very easy for fresh test engineers to understand the testing process from senior test engineers.
• It is more reliable compare to automation testing type.

Disadvantages of Manual testing:
Following are the disadvantages of Manual testing:
• This testing type is performed by human being and hence will consume more time.
• Manual testing is less accurate compare to automation testing.
• It is difficult to conduct load testing and performance testing for large user size.
• It requires test engineers to be skilled and knowledgeable to run the test cases. Only skilled engineers can detect bug during random tests.

Automation testing

Definition: The process of testing the software/hardware for any defects using automated test equipments/test scripts is known as Automation testing. The automation testing requires human being to start the test case at the beginning. It runs automatically and at the end stores the result in the text or other type of files with all the details as developed by the test engineers during test script development. It requires more sophisticated test equipments.

Advantages of Automation testing:
Following are the advantages of Automation testing:
• It eliminates any human errors during testing.
• It is possible to perform load and performance testing with more number of users.
• It is more accurate compare to manual testing and will have more precise results.
• It takes less time for execution compare to manual testing and hence saves costs.
• It does not require much knowledge of the system to perform the automation testing.
• The results are automatically stored in the database and hence user need to just start the test and can do any other work during the test case execution. This will help test engineers or developers to plan the time for other work during testing. They can do both testing and development in parallel.

Disadvantages of Automation testing:
Following are the disadvantages of Automation testing:
• It requires sophisticated test equipments to run the test cases. This increases cost of the testing.
• It will not allow test engineer to perform test of his/her choice. Hence it is difficult to perform random tests.
• During the test run, if any equipment hangs or test script fails then user will not come to know that the test has been stopped. This leads to re-run of the test case. Hence it wastes the time to re-run the same test case. This problem can be avoided by observing the running of the tests in between at regular intervals.

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