Dry Bulb Temperature vs Air Temperature vs Dew Point | Difference between Dry Bulb Temperature, Air Temperature, Dew Point

This page compares Dry Bulb Temperature vs Air Temperature vs Dew Point and mentions difference between Dry Bulb Temperature, Air Temperature and Dew Point.

Dry Bulb Temperature

Dry Bulb Temperature vs Wet Bulb Temperature,difference between Dry Bulb Temperature and Wet Bulb Temperature

• It is the temperature of air-water mixture as measured by ordinary thermometer exposed to the mixture. The thermometer is freely exposed in the air for measurement. It is shielded from moisture and radiation.
• Dry Bulb Temperature (Tdb) is the temperature of moist air.
Refer Dry bulb temperature vs Wet bulb temperature >> for more information.

Air Temperature

Air Temperature vs Relative Humidity

Relative humidity (RH) measures water vapor relative to the temperature of the air. It is expressed as a percent. In other words, it is a measure of actual amount of water vapor in the air compare to the total amount of vapor which can exist in the air at its current temperature.

• Relative Humidity is inversely proportional to air temperature.
• This means, if temperature increases, RH (Relative Humidity) decreases and vice versa.
• Hence RH is higher at high altitude surfaces and lower at low altitude ground surfaces.
• Graph-2 depicts relationship between air temperature and RH.

Dew Point

Dewpoint formula

• The dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated without changing the pressure.
• Higher RH (Relative Humidity) refers to dew point close to current air temperature.
• 100% RH implies dew point is equal to current temperature and air is maximally saturated with water.

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