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Venturi Flume vs Venturi Meter | Difference between Venturi Flume and Venturi Meter

This page compares Venturi Flume vs Venturi Meter and mentions difference between Venturi Flume and Venturi Meter.

Venturi Flume

Venturi Flume

• It is critical flow open flume with constricted flow. This causes drop in hydraulic grade line which creates critical depth.
• Venturi flume is used for very large flow rate measurements, usually in units of millions of cube.
• Venturi Flume measures in meters unlike venturi meter which measures in millimeters.
• Measurement of discharge with venturi flume requires two measurements viz. one at upstream and the other at throat (i.e. at narrowest cross-section).

Venturi Meter

Venturi Meter

• Venturi meter is a device used to measure discharge through the pipe.
• It is based on Bernoulli's principle.
• It can be used in any position viz. vertical, horizontal or inclined.
• It can be specified by inlet diameter x throat diameter.

Following table summarizes core difference between Venturi Flume and Venturi Meter.

Features Venturi Flume Venturi Meter
Flow rate Very large measurement of flow rates (in millions of cubic units). Very small measurement
Measurement unit It measures in meters. It measures in millimeters.

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