Radiometer vs spectrometer vs spectroradiometer | Difference between Radiometer spectrometer spectroradiometer

This page compares Radiometer vs spectrometer vs spectroradiometer and mentions difference between Radiometer, spectrometer and spectroradiometer.

Though all these instruments are used to detect color and light there are basic differences between them as outlined below.


Following are the features of Radiometer.
• Measures amount of EM (Electromagnetic) energy present within range of wavelength.
• It is measured in unit of Watts.
• They are used for measurement of UV (Ultraviolet) and IR (Infrared) lights which falls outside of visible light spectrum.
• It detects heat on the surface to measure it. This phenomenon is used to repair motors having overheating issue.
• Radiometer consists of single sensor device along with filters to measure wavelength range of interest.
• Inexpensive and portable

Spectroradiometer vs Spectrometer


Following are the features of Spectrometer.
• Measures light energy within range of wavelengths. It does this by breaking it into various wavelengths components.
• It uses optical grating and multiple sensors to perform above task.
• They are used along with camera for the measurement. It can be used with cosine corrected head for irradiance measurement. Hence it is not a complete equipment itself.
• The unit of measurement is W/m2*SR*nm or W/m2*nm
• It can use total number of sensors (up to 2048) in order to perform precise and accurate measurement.
• They are more accurate and modular.


Following are the features of Spectroradiometer.
• It is used for spectral radiance (i.e. irradiance) measurement across different spectral ranges.
• It measures light in the range from 380 nm to 780 nm.
• It has very high accuracy.
• It works as independent system and PC connection is not required.
• They have more accuracy and can be used for portable applications.

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