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Difference between Peak Flow Meter and Spirometer | Peak Flow Meter Vs Spirometer

This page compares Peak Flow Meter Vs Spirometer and mentions difference between Peak Flow Meter and Spirometer.

Both peak flow meter and Spirometer are devices used to test functioning of the lungs. These instruments are very useful in conducting tests for various diseases related to the lungs.

Peak Flow Meter

Peak Flow Meter

• It is used to measure rate of air expelled from lungs.
• It is cheaper device compare to spirometer.
• It is smaller and compact in size.
• It is cylindrical in shape.
• Results of peak flow meter are interpreted as follows.
➨Green Zone: 80 to 100% of initial baseline
➨Yellow Zone: between 50 to 80% of baseline
➨Red Zone: below 50% of baseline (Requires emergency treatment)



• It is used to measure volume of air exhaled or inhaled from lungs.
• It is costlier device compare to Peak flow meter.
• It is larger in size.
• It is rectangular or square in shape.
• It provides two measurements viz. FVC and FEV-1, results of these are interpreted as follows.
➨FVC provides measurement of maximum air amount exhaled out from lungs after deep inhalation as much as possible.
➨FEV-1 provides measurement of amount of air expelled from lungs in 1 second.

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