Difference between PXI and PCI | PXI vs PCI

This page compares PXI vs PCI and mentions difference between PXI and PCI.


The full form of PXI is PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation. There are two implementation of buses under PXI. They are PCI and PCI Express. They are governed by PCISIG.

PXI is very popular interface bus standard for modular test and measurement market. It is very popular since GPIB standard. There are total 70 vendors in PXI system alliance group. PCI express is latest in PXI platform. It supports data throughput upto 6Gbps.

Following are the features of PXI backplane:
• 100 MHz differential system reference clock
• 10 MHz reference clock signal
• Differential star trigger
• Star trigger bus with matched-length trigger traces to minimize intermodule delay and skew
• Trigger bus to send and receive high-speed timing and triggering signals
• Differential signals for multichassis synchronization
Refer PXI Bus vs VME Bus for more information about PXI bus.


• The full form of PCI is Peripheral Component Interconnect. It is also known as Local Bus.
• PCI bus is part of PXI and developed by Intel.
• It is very successful and widely used.
• It has been developed to replace ISA bus.
• It is used in parallel multi drop configuration.
• It is used for just about any peripheral.
• It can support multiple high performance devices.
• It is used for graphics, full motion videos, SCSI, LANs etc.

Following are technical specifications of PCI bus:
• 64 bit bus capabilities
• usually implemented as 32 bit bus
• It runs at 33MHz or 66MHz speed
• Data rate is about 133 Mbyte/sec at 33MHz/32 bit bus width

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