Difference between Microscope and Telescope | Microscope vs Telescope

This page compares Microscope vs Telescope and mentions difference between Microscope and Telescope. It also mentions types of microscope and types of telescope.

Both Microscope and Telescope are optical instruments used to see near end and far end objects which can not be viewed properly by the naked eyes respectively.


compound microscope

Definition: The Microscope is very high precision optical instrument which uses lens or combination of lenses to produce magnified images of small objects. These objects are very small to be seen by naked eyes. Often light source is used to have ease in viewing the matter. The light source can be either mirrors or lamps.

The method or process to use microscope or investigation of objects by microscope is referred as Microscopy.

Following can be applications or uses of microscope:
• Childrens and Hobbyists can use it to study gems, coins, insects etc.
• Medical Research by doctors and students
• Used as inspection and measurement tool in the industry.
• Used for public safety and discovery in government and scientific organizations.

Types of Microscopes-Compound microscope and Stereo microscope

• There are two main types of microscopes viz. compound microscope and stereo microscope.
• Compound microscope: It is the most common type of microscope as shown in the figure-1. It is high power microscope. It has magnification range of about 40X to 1000X or 1500X or 2000X. Mostly it is used between 400X to 500X range.
• Stereo microscope:It is second most preferable type of microscope. It is low power microscope. It has magnification range of about 10X to 80X. The most common range is between 10X to 40X.


Astronomical Telescope

Definition: The optical instrument which uses electromagnetic radiation e.g. visible light to observe remote objects is known as telescope.

It consists of two main components viz. objective and eyepiece. The main function of telescope is to increase apparent size or separation between distant objects. There are many types of telescopes. The figure-2 depicts astronomical telescope.

Types of Telescope

Following are the different types of telescopes.
• X-ray telescope: uses shorter wavelengths compare to ultraviolet light for its operation.
• Optical telescope: uses visible light
• Infrared telescope: uses longer wavelengths compare to visible light.
• Sub-millimeter telescope: uses longer wavelengths compare to infrared light.
• Radio telescope, Gamma ray telescope, high energy particle telescopes etc.

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