Lux vs Lumens-difference between Lux and Lumens

This page compares Lux vs Lumens and mentions difference between Lux and Lumens.

Introduction: Light level or illuminance is the amount of light which is measured in a plane surface. It is measured in units of foot candles or lux (metric SI system). A foot candle is actually one lumen of light density per square foot.


• It measures intensity of light.
• It measures amount of light output in given area.
• It helps in measurement of total amount of light (visible) present as well as illumination intensity on surface.


• It measures total amount of light output from flashlight or lamp.
• More is the value of lumens brighter is the light output.
• Lumens can be expressed in candela. An Isotropic one candela lighting source emits total luminous flux of about 4π lumens.

➤1 Lux = 1 Lumen/meter2
➤1 foot candle (ftcd, fcd) = 1 lumen/sq. ft = 10.752 lux
➤1 lux = 1 lumen/sq. meter = 0.0001 phot = 0.0929 foot candle
➤1 phot = 1 lumen/sq. cm = 10000 lumens/sq. cm = 10000 lux

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