Goniophotometer Vs Integrating Sphere | Difference between Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere

This page compares Goniophotometer vs Integrating Sphere and mentions difference between Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere.

There are two fundamental methods or equipments used for total flux measurement viz. Goniophotometry and Integrating sphere.


Following are the features of Goniophotometer.
• It measures light intensity of LED luminaires and its distribution in many directions.
• The resultant accuracy of ouptut is determined based on number of points used in the measurements.
• It determines total amount of light based on 3D geometry and interpolation technique.
• Goniophotometers are available in type A, B and C.
• Goniophotometer does not require hardware upgrades much. SOftware upgrades are needed to support new features such as color evaluation etc.

Goniophotometer vs Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere

Following are the features of Integrating Sphere.
• All the light from lamp or luminaire is captured within the sphere.
• The light is measured by detector which is proportional to total amount of light emitted by LED lamp or luminaire.
• It does not provide information related to distribution of light.
• It is available in diameters from 8 cm to about 3 meters.
• Lower size spheres (below 8 cm) are used for LED chip testing to measure lumens output. Higher size spheres (above 8 cm) are used for LED luminaire testing.

Goniophotometer Integrating Sphere
Expensive Inexpensive
Slow Fast
Used traditionally for directional and non-directional lamps Used traditionally for non-directional lamps
The testing costs about AUD $1000 per lamp The testing costs about AUD $100 per lamp

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