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Depreciation factor vs Reflection factor | difference between depreciation factor,reflection factor

This page compares Depreciation factor vs Reflection factor and mentions difference between Depreciation factor and Reflection factor with respect to illumination or light domain.

Light emitted by source reduces due to dust or dust decomposition on light. Hence quantity of light reflected from ceiling also get reduced. This reduction of light can be minimized by cleaning the light fittings or white washing. But absolute cleanliness is not possible hence we need to consider depreciation factor.

Depreciation factor

Depreciation factor

• It is a factor which is actually related to the cleanness of the lamp, shade, reflector etc.
• It is defined as ratio of illumination under normal working condition to illumination when every thing is clean or new.
• Its value lies between 0.6 to 0.8.
• It is expressed as above.
• Depreciation factor is inverse of maintenance factor.

Reflection factor

Reflection factor

• It is ratio of reflected light to incident light.
• It is less than one.
• It depends on characteristics and colour of the surroundings i.e. walls, ceilings etc.
• It is expressed as above.

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