Spectrum Analyzer vs Network Analyzer-Comparison Between Spectrum Analyzer and Network Analyzer

This page of T & M World compares Spectrum Analyzer vs Network Analyzer and mentions comparison between Spectrum Analyzer and Network Analyzer in tabular form.

Spectrum Analyzer Network Analyzer
It is used to measure signal characteristics e.g. carrier power level, sidebands, harmonics, phase noise, etc. on unknown signals. It is used to measure known signals of components, circuits, devices and sub-assemblies.
Provides less accuracy in measurement. Provides high accuracy in measurement.
It uses higher IF bandwidth filters. It uses lower IF bandwidth filters.
It is easy to use marker for measurement on display but it is difficult to interpret results. It is hard to use marker for measurement on display but it is easy to interpret results.
Can demodulate and measure complex signals. It consists pf source and receiver for measurement.
They house receivers only with single channel. They house both source and receiver and used for reflection and transmission coefficient measurement requiring both reference input, reflected and transmitted signals.
It can be used for scalar component measurements only. They are not used for phase measurements. It can be used for amplitude and phase measurements.
It does not have advanced error correction. It uses advanced error correction.
The model RSA3408A from Tektronix is real time spectrum analyzer. 8757D is a Scalar Network Analyzer and Model E5072A is a Vector Network Analyzer from Keysight Technologies.
It uses only frequency sweep for measurement. It uses both frequency sweep and power sweep for measurement.

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