SNA vs VNA-comparison between SNA (Scalar Network Analyzer) and VNA (Vector Network Analyzer)

This page of T&M World compares SNA (Scalar Network Analyzer) vs VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) and mentions comparison between SNA (Scalar Network Analyzer) and VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) in tabular form.

It is short form of Scalar Network Analyzer. It is short form of Vector Network Analyzer.
Measures only magnitude. Measures both magnitude and phase.
Sweeps faster. Sweeps slower than SNA.
SNA consists of diode based detector. It may or may not need RF down converter as per requirement of frequency to be measured. VNA consists of RF down converter, IF filter, ADC, DSP etc.
This diode based detection is used for broadband detection. This tuned receiver based detection is used for narrowband detection.
This measurement technique yields high noise floor and false responses. This measurement technique yields high dynamic range and immunity against harmonic signals.
It is cheaper due to less complex hardware. It is costly due to more complex hardware.
Traditional SNA requires external detectors, RF couplers, RF bridges and power splitters. Modern VNA does not require all these modules. It has all these modules housed in one unit.
Model 8757D is SNA from Keysight Technologies. Model E5072A is VNA from Keysight Technologies.
Typical measurements include insertion loss, gain etc. Typical measurements include VSWR, return loss, group delay etc.

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