RF Power Meter vs Power Analyzer-Comparison Between RF Power Meter and Power Analyzer

This page of T & M World compares RF Power Meter vs Power Analyzer and mentions comparison between RF Power Meter and Power Analyzer in tabular form.

RF Power Meter Power Analyzer
It measures power in radio frequency range. It measures electric power in single phase, three phase and four phase circuits.
It measures RF power in units of dBm, dBW, Watt as per user requirement. Electric Power is measured in Watt and Energy consumption is measured in Joule OR Watt/meter2.
Typical applications include RF, Microwave and Wireless systems and components measurements. Typical applications include electric motors, inverter drive, lighting systems, transformers, electric transmission systems etc.
Operates at higher bandwidth. Operates at lower bandwidth.
Requires higher sampling rate for signal analysis in case of complex power measurement for OFDM/OFDMA based systems with QAM modulation. Requires lower sampling rate for signal analysis.
It requires power sensor along with required RF connector where measurement is to be carried out. It usually supports RS232, USB, IEEE 488, Ethernet interfaces.
Used only for RF power measurement. It is also used for measurement of voltage, current and power harmonics of 40th order.
Model E4418B from Keysight techologies is used as RF power meter. Models PA1000/PA4000 from Tektronix and Model PX8000 from Yokogawa are used as power analyzers.

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