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Black Box testing vs White Box testing-Difference between Black Box testing and White Box testing

This page compares Black box testing vs White box testing and mentions difference between Black box testing and White box testing. The other comparison and difference between terms are also mentioned.

The Black Box testing is performed to test external behaviour of the DUT (Device under test) or Software Under Test. The White Box testing is performed all the internal functionalities of the DUT or SUT. The white box testing is performed much deeper. Let us understand point to point comparison between these testing types.

Black Box testing

1. As the black box testing tests output with respect to input, knowledge of internal working is not required.
2. It is also known as Closed Box or Data Driven testing.
3. It is performed based on trial and error method.
4. Black Box testing is conducted by end users, testers & developers.
5. It requires less time to complete Black Box testing.
6. It is not suitable for algorithm testing.

White Box testing

1. As the White Box testing tests internal operation, knowledge of internal working is must and required.
2. It is also known as Clear Box or Structural Testing.
3. It is performed based on well defined test cases.
4. White Box testing is conducted by testers and developers.
5. It requires more time to complete White Box testing.
6. It is suitable for algorithm testing.

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