Advantages of XY Recorder | disadvantages of XY Recorder | Applications of XY Recorder

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of XY Recorder. It mentions XY Recorder advantages or benefits and XY Recorder disadvantages or drawbacks. It mentions applications of XY recorder.

XY recorders accept two inputs and create a chart or graph of one input versus the other. They are commonly used to determine the relationship between the two inputs. For example, in a chemical process, an XY recorder might be used to monitor the effect temperature has on the pressure of the process.

XY Recorder

Following are the applications of XY recorder:
• Plotting of stress-strain curves, hysteresis curves and vibrations amplitude against swept frequency
• Pressure-volume diagrams for LC engines
• Pressure-flow studies for lungs
• Lift drag wind tunnel tests
• Electrical characteristics of materials such as resistance versus temperature
• Plotting the output from electronic calculators and computers
• Speed-torque characteristics of motor
• Regulation curves of power supplies
• Plotting of characteristics of vacuum tubes, zener diodes, rectifiers and transistors, etc.

Benefits or advantages of XY Recorder

Following are the benefits or advantages of XY Recorder:
➨The instantaneous relationship between two physical quantities can be recorded.
➨The relationship between either electrical or non-electrical quantities can be recorded.
➨In modem types of recorders, zero offset adjustments are available.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of XY Recorder

Following are the disadvantages of XY Recorder:
➨They are most expensive compare to strip chart recorders.
➨They can not be used for continuous recording of the signals.
➨The frequency response and speeds are inherently limited due to electromechanical mechanism used for movement of the pen.

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