Advantages of Welding | disadvantages of Welding

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Welding. It mentions Welding advantages or benefits and Welding disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Welding?

• Welding is the process in which localized coalescence (i.e. permanent joint) is produced by heating the material upto suitable temperature with or without application of filler material.
• If filler material is different from base material, it is known as heterogeneous welding.

Brazing-one type of welding

The figure-1 depicts one of the many types of welding known as Brazing >>.

The welding methods are classified based on state of material used during welding process.
• Plasting welding (also known as pressure welding)
• Fusion welding (also known as non-pressure welding)

The welding can also be classified based on source of heat used during welding process.
• Gas welding• Arc Welding• Resistance welding• Thermit welding • solid state welding• electron beam welding• laser welding etc.

Benefits or advantages of Welding

Following are the benefits or advantages of Welding:
➨A good welded joint is as strong as base metal.
➨General welding equipments are cheaper.
➨Portable welding equipments are also available.
➨It permits considerable freedom in the design process.
➨A large number of metals or alloys both similar and dissimilar can be joined by welding process.
➨It can be done anywhere.
➨Welding can be mechanized.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Welding

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Welding:
➨In order to dismantle, we need to break the weld.
➨Initial investment is slightly higher.
➨Experienced skilled operator is needed for welding unlike soldering.
➨Welding process produces harmful radiations (light), fumes and spatter.
➨Welding results in residual stresses and distortion of work-pieces.
➨A welded joint, for many reasons needs stress relief heat treatment.
➨Welding heat produces metallurgical changes. The structure of the welded joint is not same as that of the parent metal.

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