Advantages of Venturimeter | disadvantages of Venturimeter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Venturimeter. It mentions Venturimeter advantages or benefits and Venturimeter disadvantages or drawbacks.

The venturimeter is a instrument or device used to measure discharge through a pipe. It is based on Bernoull's principle.

Venturimeter can be used for the measurement of flow of water, liquids, gases, dirty liquids etc. The size of the venturimeter is expressed in inlet and throat diameter form.
Example: 300 x 150 mm venturimeter fits in pipe having diameter of 300 mm and throat diameter having 150 mm.


Benefits or advantages of Venturimeter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Venturimeter:
➨It has low head loss which is about 10% of differential pressure head.
➨It can be used to measure higher flow rates in pipes having few meters of diameters. This is due to high coefficient of discharge owing to lower loss.
➨It can be used in any position e.g. horizontal, vertical or inclined.
➨Higher sensitivities can be achieved due to smaller size throat leads which leads to higher pressure differential.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Venturimeter

Following are the disadvantages of Venturimeter:
➨It can not be used in limited space applications due to larger size.
➨Due to large size, the cost of venturimeter is higher.
➨Due to large size, the cost of installation is higher.
➨Very small diameter of throat results into cavitation of fluid in the throat.

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