Advantages of Venturi Flume | disadvantages of Venturi Flume

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Venturi Flume. It mentions Venturi Flume advantages or benefits and Venturi Flume disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Venturi Flume?

• It is critical flow open flume with constricted flow. This causes drop in hydraulic grade line which creates critical depth.
• Venturi flume is used for very large flow rate measurements, usually in units of millions of cube.
• Venturi Flume measures in meters unlike venturi meter which measures in millimeters.
• Measurement of discharge with venturi flume requires two measurements viz. one at upstream and the other at throat (i.e. at narrowest cross-section).

Venturi Flume

• It offers following advantages over weirs due to critical depth is created by vertical constriction.
• The free flow discharge can be expressed as follows (Reference: Wikipedia).
Q = C * Hn
Q = flow rate
C = free-flow coefficient of flume
H = head at primary point of measurement
n = depends on flume size (It is 1.55 for 1-inch flume).

Benefits or advantages of Venturi Flume

Following are the benefits or advantages of Venturi Flume:
➨It does not have any potential energy differences compare to weir.
➨Hydraulic head loss is smaller compare to weirs.
➨It has lower pressure drop.
➨It is suitable for unclean waste water also unlike weir.
➨It is very easy to maintain.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Venturi Flume

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Venturi Flume:
➨It has nonlinear flow characteristics.
➨When velocity decreases, deposit gets build up and headwater gets obstructed.
➨There is a risk of plugging due to large floating items through it.
➨Measurement is not possible when backflow exists in tail water upto the venturi flume.
➨Quality and reliability of the measurement depend on sensors used in venturi flume.
➨Installation cost is high.
➨It affects local fauna.

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