Advantages of Turbine Flowmeter | disadvantages of Turbine Flowmeter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Turbine Flowmeter. It mentions Turbine Flowmeter advantages or benefits and Turbine Flowmeter disadvantages or drawbacks.

They are devices or instruments in which small turbine wheel is placed in the pipe along the path of fluid flow. It is called volumetric flow meter.

The turbine flowmeter has permanent magnet scaled inside the rotor body. The magnet is polarized at 90 degree to axis of rotation.

Each blades of turbine forms magnetic circuit with magnet and coil. In this meter, flowing fluid rotates blades of turbine and hence output voltage is produced. The output voltage has sine wave form whose frequency is proportional to angular velocity of the blade.

Turbine Flowmeter

Benefits or advantages of Turbine Flowmeter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Turbine Flowmeter:
➨It can be used to measure totalized flow with higher accuracy.
➨It has very good dynamic response.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Turbine Flowmeter

Following are the disadvantages of Turbine Flowmeter:
➨It can cause errors due to excessive frictional torques.
➨Errors are caused mainly due to wear and tear and due to corrosion of parts.
➨They can not be used for the measurement of low flow rates.

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