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This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Step Index fiber and Graded Index Fiber. It mentions Step Index advantages, Graded Index advantages, Step Index disadvantages and Graded Index disadvantages.

What is Optical Fiber?
As we know optical fiber is a very thin and flexible medium with cylindrical shape. It consists of three sections viz. core, cladding and protective jacket. It works based on principle of total internal reflection of light.

Step Index vs Graded Index

• Based on Refractive Index (R.I.), optical fiber are categorized into step Index and Graded Index types.
• Based on number of modes, they are categorized into single mode and multimode.

Benefits or advantages of Step Index Fiber

In Step Index R.I. changes suddenly like step function between core and cladding. This is shown in the figure. Following are the benefits or advantages of Step Index Fiber:
➨Light is propagated through the graded Index.
➨It is cheaper compare to graded index.
➨It is easy to manufacture.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Step Index Fiber

Following are the disadvantages of Step Index Fiber:
➨Pulse distortion is more
➨Losses are more
➨Information carrying capacity is less.

Benefits or advantages of Graded Index Fiber

In Graded Index, R.I. is not uniform within the core. At the axis of core R.I. is maximum. From core to cladding the R.I. decreases. The light ray is offered a parabolic or sinusoidal path when passed through it. Following are the benefits or advantages of Graded Index Fiber:
➨Pulse distortion is reduced.
➨Losses are reduced.
➨Information carrying capacity is increased.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Graded Index Fiber

Following are the disadvantages of Graded Index Fiber:
➨Difficult to manaufacture.
➨Costly compare to step index fiber.

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