Advantages of Rotameter | disadvantages of Rotameter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Rotameter. It mentions Rotameter advantages or benefits and Rotameter disadvantages or drawbacks.

Rotameter is constant pressure drop type of variable area flowmeter. In this instrument, fluid flows from bottom to top part.

Rotameter-variable area type flowmeter

Benefits or advantages of Rotameter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Rotameter:
➨It can be used to measure flow of liquid, gases and vapours. It is useful to measure low flow rates.
➨Rotameters are independent from effects of viscosity upto certain range.
➨The accuracy of rotameters are higher compare to accuracy of obstruction meter types.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Rotameter

Following are the disadvantages of Rotameter:
➨Rotameters must be mounted vertically.
➨They must not be used in high pressure applications.

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