Advantages of Pitot tube | disadvantages of Pitot tube

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Pitot tube. It mentions Pitot tube advantages or benefits and Pitot tube disadvantages or drawbacks.

Pitot tube works on principle of "Transformation of kinetic energy of liquid into potential form". The tube consists of two tubes which are concentric.

The inner tube is open ended and faces incoming fluid. The outer tube has 4 to 8 holes. The outer tube is close ended for upstream fluid. Here holes are used to sense static pressure of incoming fluid.

Pitot tube

Benefits or advantages of Pitot tube

Following are the benefits or advantages of Pitot tube:
➨Loss of head is negligible by insertion of pitot tube.
➨It is very cheap compare to venturimeter, orifice plate and flow nozzle.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Pitot tube

Following are the disadvantages of Pitot tube:
➨It has lower sensitivity due to lower differential head.
➨It requires higher flow velocity in order to produce measurable heads.
➨It has small openings which gets clogged due to passing solid particles.

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