Advantages of PIM Analyzer | disadvantages of PIM Analyzer

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of PIM Analyzer. It mentions PIM Analyzer advantages or benefits and PIM Analyzer disadvantages or drawbacks.

PIM stands for Passive Intermodulation. The device used to test PIM related measurements to comply with IEC 62037 which is industry recognised specification. It can be used to perform various PIM measurements viz. PIM vs time, distance to PIM, swept PIM and noise floor. It is used to certify cables and antennas. It can also perform other RF and microwave measurements such as return loss, VSWR, cable loss, distance to fault, smith chart, 1-port phase etc.

PIM-Passive Intermodulation

The figure-1 depicts PIM products generated due to active and passive components in a microwave circuit. PIM analyzers from leading companies such as Anritsu and Rosenberger support various frequency bands covering technologies such as E-GSM, LTE, UMTS, PCS, DCS etc.
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Benefits or advantages of PIM Analyzer

Following are the benefits or advantages of PIM Analyzer:
➨It is usually available as portable equipment.
➨It is light in weight and hence can be carried to high altitude sites.
➨It helps to make devices compliant to PIM specifications as all the requisite tests can be performed with single PIM analyzer equipment.
➨It supports all the latest and upcoming standards.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of PIM Analyzer

Following are the disadvantages of PIM Analyzer:
➨There are not much disadvantages except the one related to individual products developed by the companies. The drawbacks depend on the architecture used in the PIM analyzer.
➨Usually PIM analyzers are costly and it depends on functionalities/features supported by them.

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