Advantages of Orifice plate | disadvantages of Orifice plate

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Orifice plate. It mentions Orifice plate advantages or benefits and Orifice plate disadvantages or drawbacks.

The orifice plate is a instrument used to measure volumetric flow rate. It uses same principle as used by venturimeter. There are different types of orifice plates as mentioned below.
• Concentric orifice plate
• Eccentric orifice plate
• Segmental orifice plate
• Quadrant Edge orifice plate

Orifice plate

Benefits or advantages of Orifice plate

Following are the benefits or advantages of Orifice plate:
➨Lower initial cost
➨Smaller size
➨Higher accuracy

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Orifice plate

Following are the disadvantages of Orifice plate:
➨Low discharge coefficient which is lesser than venturimeter.
➨Due to above it has lower sensitivity compare to venturimeter.
➨Head loss is higher which is about 60 to 70%.
➨Inaccuracy in the measurement increases due to erosion and corrosion of the plates.

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