Advantages of Nebulizer | disadvantages of Nebulizer

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Nebulizer. It mentions Nebulizer advantages or benefits and Nebulizer disadvantages or drawbacks.

Nebulizer is a device used to provide quick relief to the asthma patients and patients with breathing problems.


It converts liquid medicine into fine mist which can be inhaled directly into lungs. The medicine is breathed inside using facemask/mouthpiece by the patient.

Benefits or advantages of Nebulizer

Following are the benefits or advantages of Nebulizer:
➨Easier to use
➨Easy to administer high doses
➨No CFCs

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Nebulizer

Following are the disadvantages of Nebulizer:
➨Machine cost is higher.
➨It is not portable.
➨Before medication need to be prepared and hence slow in delivery.
➨Less efficient as part of medication gets lost from expiratory port.
➨It is easier to contaminate.
➨With the use of facemask, aerosolized anticholinergics can cause visual changes as well as worsening of narrow angle glaucoma.

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