Advantages of Mechanical Instruments | disadvantages of Mechanical Instruments

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Mechanical Instruments. It mentions Mechanical Instruments advantages or benefits and Mechanical Instruments disadvantages or drawbacks.

Instruments having moving parts which are rigid, bulky, heavy and can not respond quickly for the measurements under dynamic/transient conditions are known as Mechanical Instruments.

Benefits or advantages of Mechanical Instruments

Following are the benefits or advantages of Mechanical Instruments:
➨Relatively cheaper in cost
➨More durable due to rugged construction
➨Simple in design and easy to use
➨No external power supply required for operation
➨Reliable and accurate for measurement of stable and time invariant quantity

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Mechanical Instruments

Following are the disadvantages of Mechanical Instruments:
➨Poor frequency response to transient and dynamic measurements
➨Large force required to overcome mechanical friction
➨Incompatible when remote indication and control needed
➨Cause noise pollution

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