Advantages of Manometer | disadvantages of Manometer

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Manometer. It mentions Manometer advantages or benefits and Manometer disadvantages or drawbacks.

The manometer measures unknown pressure by balancing it against gravitational force of liquid heads. It can be used to mesure dynamic pressures and differential pressures. It can measure pressure ranging from low to high (0.1 NM/m2).

Mercury is used as manometric fluid widely due to its wide temperature range i.e. -200C to +3500C. Manometric fluid has characteristics such as lower viscosity, lower thermal coefficient of expansion, non-corrosive, non-sticky, low surface tension, low vapour pressure etc.

Following are the types of manometers.
• U-tube manometer
• Well type manometer
• Raised Well manometer
• Inclined Tube manometer

U-tube Manometer

Benefits or advantages of Manometer

Following are the benefits or advantages of Manometer:
➨It is simple in construction.
➨It has higher accuracy.
➨It can be used to measure pressure, temperature, flow and other process variables.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Manometer

Following are the disadvantages of Manometer:
➨Manometers have poor dynamic response.
➨They are fragile and hence offer less portability.
➨They have smaller operating range which is on the order of 1000 KN/m2.
➨The manometric fluids density depends on temperature. Hence errors may result due to change in the temperature.

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