Advantages of MDI Inhaler | disadvantages of MDI Inhaler

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of MDI Inhaler. It mentions MDI Inhaler advantages or benefits and MDI Inhaler disadvantages or drawbacks.

MDI is the short form of Metered Dose Inhaler. It is one of the device used in asthma treatment. This device pushes out spray of medicine as per pre-measured quantity which provides great relief to the patients.

MDI Inhaler

It is recommended to replace the MDI Inhaler after few number of doses.

Benefits or advantages of MDI Inhaler

Following are the benefits or advantages of MDI Inhaler:
➨It is very consistent device as it gives metered dose.
➨It is most reliable asthma medication tool available in market.
➨It is portable.
➨No prior drug preparation needed before application.
➨It is more efficient.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of MDI Inhaler

Following are the disadvantages of MDI Inhaler:
➨It is difficult to use properly without experience. It requires proper coordination between inhaler and patient.
➨It should not be exposed in extreme temperature conditions.
➨As there are no dose counters, it is difficult to track the number of doses left in the device.
➨ CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) used in MDI Inhaler deplete stratospheric ozone and are banned internationally except for medical use in MDI inhalers. Use of CFC in MDI is being phased out.

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