Advantages of Flow Nozzle | disadvantages of Flow Nozzle

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Flow Nozzle. It mentions Flow Nozzle advantages or benefits and Flow Nozzle disadvantages or drawbacks.

A flow nozzle is similar to venturimeter instrument but without diverging cone. The jet contraction is less due to curved shape on upstream side unlike orifice plate.

Flow Nozzle

Benefits or advantages of Flow Nozzle

Following are the benefits or advantages of Flow Nozzle:
➨It has higher coefficient of discharge which is higher compare to orifice meter.
➨It is used for measurement of flow of fluids which contains solids.
➨It is used for measurement of higher temperature/pressure steam flow.
➨It can be used to measure high flow velocities.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Flow Nozzle

Following are the disadvantages of Flow Nozzle:
➨It can not be used to measure flow containing higher percentage of solids.
➨It can not be used for low pressure heads as it has lower pressure recovery.

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