Advantages of Electric Actuator | disadvantages of Electric Actuator

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Electric Actuator. It mentions Electric Actuator advantages or benefits and Electric Actuator disadvantages or drawbacks.


• Transducer is a device which converts one form of energy into the other form of energy. Both sensor and actuator are energy conversion devices. Hence they can be called as transducers.
• A sensor is a device which converts physical parameter to electrical output.
• An actuator is a device which converts electrical input signal to mechanical or physical output signal (e.g. force or displacement).

Following are the main types of actuators.
• Electric actuator
• Hydraulic actuator
• Pneumatic actuator

What is Electric Actuator?

• It is one type of motor which is responsible for moving or controlling a system or mechanism in which it is installed. It can generate motion and also it can stop motion.
• It is operated by source of energy which is elecric current.
• It converts this energy into motion.

Electric Actuator

The figure-1 depicts electric actuator.

Benefits or advantages of Electric Actuator

Following are the benefits or advantages of Electric Actuator:
➨It offers highest precision control positioning.
➨These actuators can be re-programmed quickly.
➨They offer immediate feedback for diagnostics and maintenance.
➨They produce less noise compare to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
➨Due to no fluid leakage, environmental hazards are eliminated.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Electric Actuator

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Electric Actuator:
➨They are expensive.
➨The performance of electric actuators depend on environmental conditions.

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