Advantages of Digital Multimeter | disadvantages of Digital Multimeter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Digital Multimeter. It mentions Digital Multimeter advantages or benefits and Digital Multimeter disadvantages or drawbacks.

As we know multimeters are of two types viz. analog multimeter and digital multimeter (DMM). Voltage, current and resistance are the most fundamental parameters used in electricity and electronic circuits. Electricity through conductor is like flowing of water through pipe. Like every pipe has certain applied pressure which causes flow of water.

In electronic circuit, voltage is applied to the circuit using generator/battery/solar panel. This causes current flow in the conductor. Any obstruction to the flow of current is known as resistance.

Digital Multimeter

Voltage is measured in volts, current in amp and resistance in ohms. There are two types of power sources viz. AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current).

Digital multimter consists of LCD display panel and rotating knob. The measurements are displayed in numerical values on it. It uses various techniques to measure AC/DC voltage, resistance and current and hence manual settings are not required.

It uses two probes like analog multimeter for measurement. Knob should be set to appropriate position as per parameters to be measured.

Benefits or advantages of Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Following are the benefits or advantages of Digital Multimeter:
➨It provides accurate results.
➨The meter has protection against undesired input range. Hence meter can be protected from overload or fault or misuse.
➨The input impedance or resistance of DMM is quite high (usually 105 to 106 Ohms). Hence it does not affect the measurements much. Hence precise measurement can be achieved.
➨There are digital multimeters which provide "Auto Range" feature. In this type of meter, user need not have to worry about setting the range of measurement. It is done automatically by the meter itself.
➨It is very simple to use unlike analog multimeter as results are displayed in numeric value directly and user need not have to read manually from the scale.
➨All the advanced measurements such as frequency, impedance, capacitance can be performed by DMM unlike analog meter counterpart.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Following are the disadvantages of Digital Multimeter:
➨It should be used as per manufacturer specified measurement range and as per category rating. Failing to do this will case damage to the equipment and also cause personal injury.
➨It is costlier compare to analog meter.

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