Advantages of Differential Pressure Flowmeter | disadvantages of Differential Pressure Flowmeter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Differential Pressure Flowmeter. It mentions Differential Pressure Flowmeter advantages or benefits and Differential Pressure Flowmeter disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Differential Pressure Flowmeter?

In this type of flowmeter onstruction is placed in pipe and fluid pressure difference is being measured. This differential pressure is characterized in order to achieve flow measurement. It is very easy and quick to develop differential pressure flowmeter.

Differential Pressure Flowmeter

In basic implementation, disk or orifice is placed in the pipe. Opening of this orifice is kept smaller compare to inner diameter of the pipe. This is shown in the figure-1. Upstream and downstream pressure measurement of the orifice provide differential pressure across the pipe.

Benefits or advantages of Differential Pressure Flowmeter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Differential Pressure Flowmeter:
➨It is useful for gases, liquids and steam.
➨It is also available for viscosity measurement.
➨It can be used for extreme pressure and temperatue conditions.
➨Measurement range can be modified as per need.
➨There are no moving parts.
➨It can be configured in order to measure bidirectional flow.
➨It is used over wide range of sizes.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Differential Pressure Flowmeter

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Differential Pressure Flowmeter:
➨It supports small span. This is due to square root relation between flow rate and differential pressure.
➨The results are affected due to changes in the pressure and density.
➨It is not most accurate flow measurement technique.
➨Pressure drop is observed in orifice plates.
➨If edge sharpness is assured in orifice plates, then there will be no solids or contamination. Inspite of no moving parts, orifice plate used in its construction is a wear prone point.
➨It has very long inlet and outlet sections.
➨It is very expensive to install differential pressure lines, sensors and fittings.
➨It has high cost of maintenance.

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