Advantages of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter | disadvantages of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. It mentions Coriolis Mass Flowmeter advantages or benefits and Coriolis Mass Flowmeter disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Coriolis Mass Flowmeter?

• In this meter "swinging" is generated by vibration of the tubes through which fluid flows.
• Amount of twist is proportional to mass flow rate of the fluid passing through the tubes.
• Coriolis mass flowmeter and sensors are used to measure twist and consecutively generate linear flow signal.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

• This meter is used to measure mass flow of liquids e.g. ammonia, acids, water, chemicals, gases/vapors etc.
• In this meter, measurement is not affected by fluid density changes as mass flow is being measured.

Benefits or advantages of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter:
➨It offers measurement of true mass flow.
➨In addition to mass flow, it provides measurement of temperature as well as density.
➨It offers very high accuracy measurements of mass flow and density.
➨It has now been developed for large line sizes upto 14 inches.
➨It can handle sanitary applications.
➨It offers high reliability.
➨The results are not affected due to temperature, pressure and viscosity.
➨Inlet and Outlet sections are not needed.
➨It operates in both the directions i.e. forward/reverse.
➨Measurement range can be optimized for flow rate/density measurement.
➨It gets drained automatically.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter:
➨The meter is affected due to gas inclusions.
➨It is vibration sensitive when it is installed improperly.
➨Very few materials can be used for its construction.
➨It has limited nominal diameter for use at its top part.
➨It has high initial cost.
➨It becomes expensive and unwieldy for line sizes greater than 4 inches.
➨Gas flow measurement is difficult due to low density of gas.
➨Pressure drop is observed for bent tube meters.

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