Advantages Disadvantages of CT, MRI and Ultrasound scan types

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of CT scan, MRI scan and Ultrasound scan. It mentions CT scan advantages, MRI scan advantages, Ultrasound advantages, CT scan disadvantages, MRI scan disadvantages and Ultrasound scan disadvantages.

• CT is the short form of Computerized Tomography which is based on X-ray principle. CT scanner takes many X-ray images from different angles and uses computer to construct 3D image of the body.
• MRI is the short form of Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is based on magnetism principle. It also builds 3D image of the body.
• Ultrasound scanner uses ultrasound waves which are bombared on the body to create the image.
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Benefits or advantages of CT scan

CT scanner machine

Following are the benefits or advantages of CT scan:
• It is better for bony lesions.
• Faster than MRI scan, takes 5-10 minutes.
• Medium cost
• small risk of irradiation.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of CT scan

Following are the disadvantages of CT scan:
• Poor resolution of demyelinating lesions.
• This method has risk due to ionizing radiation.
• Sensitive to acute hemorrhae

Benefits or advantages of MRI scan

MRI Scanner or MRI Scan Machine

Following are the benefits or advantages of MRI scan:
• No radiation used and hence it is safe.
• Provides better images compare to CT scan and hence used to distinguish different tissue types.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of MRI scan

Following are the disadvantages of MRI scan :
• It is very expensive among all the scan techniques.
• Care should be taken during scanning with metal objects.
• Electronic equipments should not be kept in the room as strong magnetic fields used in this technique can damage them.

Benefits or advantages of Ultrasound scan

Ultrasound scanner machine

Following are the benefits or advantages of Ultrasound scan:
• Ultrasound is safe, noninvasive and does not use ionizing radiation.
• Images are captured and displayed on screen in real time and hence proper image can be captured as required after looking at movement of body's internal parts.
• Shows clear picture of soft tissues which does not show up well during CT scan.
• Ideal to examine unborn babies during pregnancies.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Ultrasound scan

Following are the disadvantages of Ultrasound scan:
• Not suitable for deep body scan as ultrasound can not penetrate bone and larger amount of tissues.
• Not suitable for organs obscured by bowel as ultrasound waves are disrupted by gas or air.

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