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Accelerometer vs Gyroscope | difference between Accelerometer and Gyroscope

This page compares Accelerometer vs Gyroscope and mentions difference between Accelerometer and Gyroscope.



• It senses linear movement, and not rotations. It can be used for tilt detection.
• It is a device which is designed to measure non-gravitational acceleration. It is sensitive to acceleration forces due to movement of device where it is installed.
• The sensor measures some of the electrical parameters (C, I or V) which depends on acceleration it senses. Any one of these electrical parameters are converted into equivalent acceleration value as per design.



• It measures all types of rotation but not the movement.
• It is a device which uses Earth's gravity in order to determine orientation.
• Gyroscope sensor provides us three values viz. pitch, roll and azimuth. It is shown in the figure-2 above in a smartphone. It measures rate of rotation around the axis. All the three values are zero in non-rotating condition of the smartphone.
• The sensor measures change in capacitance (C) which is proportional to angular velocity being sensed. Hence it measures angular velocity.

Following points summarize difference between accelerometer and gyroscope.
➤Accelerometer measures linear motion where as Gyroscope measures rotational motion.
➤Accelerometer has lower SNR where as Gyroscope has higher SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio).
➤Integration is easy in Gyroscope where as it is difficult in case of Accelerometer.
➤Accelerometer is used to measure vibration where as Gyroscope is used to measure and maintain orientation (based on angular momentum principle).

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