AC Hipot test vs DC Hipot test | Difference between AC Hipot test and DC Hipot test

This page compares AC Hipot test vs DC Hipot test and mentions difference between AC Hipot test and DC Hipot test. It does comparison between AC/DC hipot tests based on their advantages, disadvantages and working principles.

Hipot stands for High Potential. This term is used for specific class of test equipments which are used to test electrical insulation.
As we know continuity tester used to test continuity between two points in electronic/electric circuit. Hipot tester does reverse of continuity testing. It performs discontinuity test. It checks no current flow condition between two points. Hipot tests are used to find crushed or leakage in the insulation. Refer Hipot tester >> used for hipot testing. Hipot tester is used for both AC and DC tests.

AC Hipot test

• AC hipot test is conducted by application of 1500 or 3000 volts at 60 Hz AC and leakage current is monitored.
• Hipot tester issues failure indication when leakage current exceeds predefined threshold.
• Good AC hipot tester has ramp up/ramp down rate and application time.

DC Hipot test

• DC hipot test is conducted by application of very high voltage and insulation resistance is being measured.
• Leakage current is measured to determine insulation resistance.
• It is used to test new cables.
• DC voltage used in hipot test is higher compare to AC hipot testing.

Following points summarize difference between AC hipot test and DC hipot test.
➤DC hipot test uses higher voltage compare to AC hipot test.
➤DC hipot test uses DC voltage where as AC hipot test uses AC voltage at 50/60 Hz frequency.
➤The output current capacity of DC hipot tester is much lower compare to AC hipot tester.
➤DC hipot tester provides more accurate reading of leakage current by reading only real current. AC Hipot tester measures total current hence it does not provide accurate leakage current measurement.
➤AC hipot tester performs AC Hipot test in both positive and negative voltage polarities. DC hipot tester does not perform polarity based testing as it charges insulation only in single polarity.

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